the Ormonds

Ormond (and Orman) in Grantham

John Ormond was born at Bitchfield (bap. 1797) the eldest son of John and Elizabeth Ormond, their other children were Richard (bap 1801), Sarah (born in 1798 and bap 1802), Elizabeth (bap 1804) and Richard who was baptised at nearby Bassingthorpe in 1806. There may also have been a daughter called Mary born around 1810.
The family then appear to have moved from Bitchfield to Grantham.

First generation – children of John and Elizabeth Ormond
John Ormond married Ann Pinion (from Walcot near Lincoln) on 4 January 1819 at St Wulfram’s church Grantham. John and Ann had five daughters and four sons; Sarah born 1819, Mary 1821, Elizabeth 1823, Jane 1824, Ann 1826, Hephzibah 1828, John 1830, Eliza 1832, Richard 1836, William 1839 and George 1842.

Richard Ormond married Jane Parker 28 November 1822 at Grantham, there appear to be no children. Richard is recorded in later censuses as a milk and beer seller in Spittlegate.

The 1841 census shows a John and Elizabeth Almond in Back Street, Grantham, in their household are Mary 31, John 15, Henry 9, Martha 4 and Thomas 2. Martha and Thomas are likely to be the two living next door to David and Mary Pile in 1861, Mary may be their mother.

Little yet is known of what became of Mary’s sisters, however Sarah married Michael Woodward at Grantham in 1843, Jane remained unmarried at least until 1871 when she appears at Folkingham with David and Mary. Like Mary, Ann, Jane and Elizabeth entered domestic service in and around Grantham. In 1851 Hephzibah was working as a domestic servant at The Horseshoe Inn at Waltham le Wold between Grantham and Melton Mowbray. No trace has been found of any of the sisters (except Mary and Jane) after 1851.

  • Ancestors and Descendants of Mary Ormond

    John Ormond 1775-1855
    (Ormand, Aumond, Almond)
    m Elizabeth 1763-1856John Ormond 1797-1850
    m 1819 Ann Pinyon 1795-1851Sarah Ormond 1819-?
    m 1843 Michael Woodward Mary Ormond 1821-1899
    m 1854 David Pile Emma PileEdmond PileHenry PileJohn Pile 
    Elizabeth Ormond 1823-?Jane Ormond 1824-?Anne Ormond 1826-?Hephzibah Ormond 1828-?Jane Hutchinson OrmondJohn Ormond (Armon) 1830-1901
    m Elizabeth Joseph Armon 1859-?Ann ArmonElizabeth ArmonJohn ArmonRichard Ormond 1836-?William Ormond 1839-?
    m Sarah George Ormond 1842-1920
    m 1865 Frances Brown Mary Ann Ormond 1866-1939Sarah Ormond 1798-?
    Richard Ormond 1799-?
    m 1822 Jane Parker  m 1821 William Wright Elizabeth Ormond 1804-?James Ormond 1806-?
    m Ann Elizabeth Ormond 1827-?George Ormond 1830-?Mary Ormond 1810-?
    m 1850 Henry Hall John Ormond 1827-?Henry Ormond 1828-1862Martha Ormond 1837-?Thomas Ormond 1840-?
    m 1867 Mary Ward Richard Ormond 1868-?Minnie Ormond 1871-?
    m Harry Bellamy